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Logo Design

Vermilion Lofts is a new residential loft development designed for professionals looking to live an urban lifestyle in Acadiana’s cultural, progressive and historic area — Downtown Lafayette.

Pavy Studio partnered with SO/Studio to create a community brand for Vermilion Lofts that will inspire like-minded individuals to become part of a cultural community, living side-by-side with neighbors, in the heart of Downtown Lafayette. Pavy Studio developed a simple, but vibrant logo that reflects the vision of Vermilion Lofts and its mission of providing Acadiana residents the opportunity to experience the quality of life that comes with urban dwelling.

Vermilion Lofts Logo 1
Vermilion Lofts Img 1
Vermilion Lofts Logo 4
Vermilion Lofts Logo 5
Vermilion Lofts Img 2
Vermilion Lofts Img 3
Vermilion Lofts Logo Sign
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