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Brand Platform Toolkit:

  • Name Development
  • Brand Platform (MVV) 
  • Identity & Tagline
  • Brand Style Guide 
  • Logo Kit 
  • Paper Systems 
  • Branded Templates

In 2018 three Lafayette commercial real estate professionals wanted to start a business built on a new real estate model that shapes lasting relationships with its clients and partners. They wanted a meaningful name for their new company that wouldn’t become a cliche over time or tied too closely to the region.

Pavy Studio did extensive naming explorations, working closely with the partners to establish a unique, but approachable, name that perfectly captured their brand vision: Scout Real Estate Co. Once established, Pavy Studio designed an entire branding system from the ground up, firmly establishing Scout Real Estate Co. as a premier commercial real estate brokerage in Lafayette.

Due to the aggressive push and depth of properties, the Scout brand quickly became part of Lafayette’s visual vocabulary.

Scout Real Estate Logo
Scout Real Estate Brand Identity 1
Scout Real Estate Brand Identity 2
“Pavy Studio led the process from the first interview to the last deliverable, instilling confidence that our brand would be cohesive and engaging—and it is! We made a splash in our marketing efforts overnight as a result of the new identity. It was a perfect creative fit for our team.”
Scout Real Estate Brand Identity 3
Scout Real Estate Brand Identity 4
Scout Real Estate Brand Identity 5
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