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Integrated Brand Campaign:

  • Social Media & E-marketing Promotion

Facebook Page Campaign

  • :15 and :30 Facebook Video Series
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Television Series

Hub City Ford wanted to grow their social media base and engage their followers with content that was relevant to the platform and also entertaining. Pavy Studio worked closely with video partner, Vidox, to create a two-part integrated campaign that solicited customers to submit their favorite Ford story for a chance to win a $500 gift card and to be included in Hub City Ford’s image campaign.

The campaign focused on a six-week integrated marketing blitz that included Facebook marketing and television. The campaign success was overwhelming. Facebook engagement grew by 500%, video plays were at 95% and 22 cars sold were directly connected to the campaign.

Hub City Ford-Social Media Campaign
Hub City Ford-Social Media Campaign-3
Hub City Ford-Social Media Campaign-4
Hub City Ford-Social Media Campaign-2
Hub City Ford-Social Media Campaign-5
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