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Case for Compassion Capital Campaign:

  • Capital Campaign Brand
  • Collateral Material
Hospice of Acadiana Foundation needed a capital campaign brand that informed and inspired support for the construction of a hospice house–a 6,500-square-foot inpatient palliative care center for the underserved and vulnerable members of the Acadiana community. It was important to the client that the capital campaign materials evoked the emotion and reality of their work.

Pavy Studio designed a brand and collateral materials that aligned with the essence of Hospice of Acadiana and the reality of end-of-life care for individuals lacking resources and family support. The Case for Compassion successfully pulled at heartstrings and inspired giving, and it continues to help the Foundation achieve its fundraising goal.

Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Logo
Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Brand Identity-2
Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Brand Identity

“The Pavy team is strategic in their focus and adept at creating meaningful and effective messaging—both in word and form. The materials they created helped tell our story the way it needed to be told in a powerful way.”

Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Brochure
Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Brochure-2
Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Brochure-3
Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Brochure-4
Hospice of Acadiana-Capital Campaign-Pledge Card
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