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Go-To Market Toolkit:

  • E-commerce Website Design and Content
  • Poster
  • Discussion Guide
  • Social Media Graphic

Coulée Productions is owned and operated by South Louisiana native and cultural anthropologist Becky Schexnayder, producing films and documentaries on the rich culture of South Louisiana. With the release of her new documentary Carol Fran: Tous Les Jours C’est Pas La Même, Every Day Is Not The Same on the life and music of the legendary Swamp Blues icon, Becky hired Pavy Studio to create an e-commerce website where individuals and organizations could purchase the film for private or public showings. 

Carol Fran has a big, colorful personality and she’s tremendously talented, so we created vibrant packaging and promotional materials that speak her language. The website is a one-stop shop for the film and includes biographical information on Carol and fellow Blues Americana musicians who contributed to the film, as well as photos and video snippets.

Coulee Productions Marketing
Coulee Productions Website Design
Coulee Productions Postcard Design 2
Coulee Productions Dvd Design
Coulee Productions Poster Design

“Cathi and her staff created the perfect brand and website for me to self-distribute my documentary on Carol Fran. It is exactly what I wanted and envisioned. Working with them was such a fun and exciting experience. My sales continue to grow!

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