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Brand & Marketing Toolkit:

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Catholic Vitality 360, formerly Development Innovations 360, specializes in helping Catholic organizations—churches, schools and dioceses—access and reset internal operations and strategies to ensure long-term vitality. Founder Bernard Dumond hired Pavy Studio to reinvigorate his brand and develop sales materials for each audience he serves.

After learning more about Bernard’s distinct capabilities, we determined that his business name didn’t represent his offerings, nor did it resonate with potential clients. Based on his unique service strategy called the “Seven Circles of Vitality,” and after hearing that his clients call him “The Vitality Guy,” we saw a great branding opportunity and suggested he change his business name to better reflect his mission and distinguish his services from his competition. Most business owners would be wary of changing their entire identity, but Bernard embraced the idea immediately, recognizing the brand potential.

The new logo is emblematic of Bernard’s dynamic services and positions him as a leader in his field. His new website and marketing materials now have a consistent, powerful message that truly mirrors his dedication and passion for the Catholic community.

Catholic Vitality 360 Logo
Catholic Vitality 360 Logo Reversed
Catholic Vitality 360 Logomark
Catholic Vitality 360 Image 1
Catholic Vitality 360 Brochure Design 1
Catholic Vitality 360 Business Cards
Catholic Vitality 360 Brand Identity 3
Catholic Vitality 360 Flyers
Catholic Vitality 360 Amplify Ignite Thrive
Catholic Vitality 360 Website Design
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