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We’re Betting On Us

April 28, 2020

The past six weeks have been a learning experience for us at Pavy Studio. On the one hand, just a week before the COVID-19 pandemic took over our daily lives, we launched our new website and we were just hitting our stride. We were, and still are, busy working on client projects, but the future feels a little shaky. It’s impossible to pursue new business and it’s not the time for self-promotion.

What is appropriate in these uncertain times? Like everyone else, we’re learning as we go and we’re not sure what our “new” normal will look like when non-essential businesses are able to resume. We’re all in limbo—and not the good kind. One thing is certain: Nothing will be the same.

Cautious optimism will overtake the freedoms we took for granted—like proximity—at least for a while. We’re all missing friends and family and simple gestures like handshakes and hugs. At the same time, we’ve been thrust into 24/7 self-isolation or cohabitation with our partners, kids and relatives and a new set of challenges as we navigate homeschooling, personal and work boundaries and combustible personalities (teenagers!). Everyone is managing the best they can.

We’re scared, but as business professionals, most of us have experienced the ebb and flow of business. Good years. Bad months. Slow times—whatever the circumstance may have been. What we all have in common is a resilience—an attitude—that keeps us going. So we do what we have always done. We dig our heels in, focus forward, but this time around, we shelter in place. We support our front-liners. We support other businesses. We all want the same thing.

We’re betting on us … all of us.